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I know Palm is dead, but not to me!
I refuse to use Iturd, and no formfactor w/Android can compare to my Treos :)

But, I've been having HUGE probs w/them.  I'm getting viruslike behavior.  Prog=
s that used to work don't anymore, or not right, after a hard reset wipe and ON=
LY that prog installed off card.
Is this possible?  I'd think itd have to have written to ROM on the Treo 600.  =
The 650 couldve let it into NVFS, IIRC.

I'm hoping a firmware update will blow it out, but I can't find a dl site!
I found the 1.17 software, but no firmware.  The latest is 01.71.  (This is for=
 the 650).

Also a big prob at the moment, I only have the Treos as my "computer".  softwar=
e update won't work from card, the SOB's.  But, firmware will.  That's why all =
my eggs are in that basket.

Can anyone direct me to a dl site?  I've searched high and low.  The NG's seem =
my last hope.

However, how can I dl w/Yanoff if its a bin group and not a web link?
FYI, I CAN do FTP w/the godlike prog Resco Explorer :)
man I wish i'd found these progs yrs ago!

pending new addr

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