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Re: Harry Potter EBooks?

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In my library and in 99% of the US public libraries, people *borrow* most books
and they can read the authors work for *free*.

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But of course authors/publishers do get paid. Even with free libraries, free
rereadings of your book by friends, and rereading of used books by many (ever
use the 2 for 1 paperback exchange), the publishers are still making quite a lot
of money.  

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Downloading scares publishers because it increases the scale. But other than
scale there is absolutely no practical (not legal) difference in the principle
of reading a book over and over for free in the library and reading it over and
over for free by downloading it.

Re: Harry Potter EBooks?

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 11:52:06 -0500, "Beverly Howard
[Ms-MVP/MobileDev]" <BevNoSpamBevHoward.com> wrote the following in
ink distilled from the fermented blood of a Norwegian Ridgeback:

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Well for a start I have an online slang dictionary that I've had
published but is available free of charge for people to access and
use. I've spent several years of my life compiling it... and am
*still* adding to it daily... but that's my choice.

It's never made much money...  certainly nothing like the amount  JKR
has been paid, nor will it ever, but that hasn't stopped me sharing
what I have with others.


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Like I said... go read the dictionaries free...  http://www.odps.org

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Whilst initially JKR was in the same boat as the vast majority of us,
i.e. struggling to survive, she no longer fits into that category. I
think there is *no* moral reason to feel guilt in relation to when
that person will be paying more in *taxes* than most of us ever earn!

Please remember that even if Book 7 was given away free with breakfast
cereal.... JKR would *still* make millions just from marketing! And
best of luck to her... she's doing the work - she should get paid for
it. However, it remains true that she as an individual *can* now
afford the minor leeching that goes on by the production of e-books.

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Re: Harry Potter EBooks?

: Hi All,
: Are there any "legal" eBooks in the works by "NOW"?
: If not, here an Online Petition you can sign:
: http://www.petitiononline.com/hpebook/petition.html

Wouldn't dream of it...I am frankly disgusted by the
idea of ebooks.

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.

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Beverly Howard

Re: Related HP EBook Article

Beverly Howard [Ms-MVP/MobileDev] wrote:
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"We want to prevent piracy for many reasons, financial being the very
last one of those," said Neil Blair, a lawyer and partner at the
Christopher Little Literary Agency.

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