Handspring visor - difficulty to sych with Outlook 2003 in windows xp limited user accoun...

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A difficult question.   Have used a 5 yr old visor deluxe with Chapura
conduits to synch addresses between outlook 2003 at work and visor  / palm
desktop software.   All has been well for 5 years.Had to modify
'permissions' in the registry as well as share the handspring folder to get
this to work with a limited user rights account in windows xp.

Now I decide to synch with Outlook  2003 instead and uninstalled and
reinstalled the software -and was , with sharing the folder and fiddling
with 'permissions'  able to  get the full admininstrative account to synch
but not able to do the same with the limited user accoun which is where I do
most of my everyday computing.  Is there a way to do this?  What I see is
the inability of the outlook conduits to install in the limited rights

Do others have this issue with later versions of Palm products

thanks for any thoughts


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