Getting used to a Palm TX

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Just upgraded from an m500 to a TX.  Various things are much better, but
then equally various things are more cumbersome to the point that its
questionable whether it was worth it.

Two biggest problems I can think of right now are:

1. Has anyone actually got VersaMail to sync with MS Outlook on their PC?
I've been through the setup process but the fact it doesn't give the option
of specifying the location of the .pst file or which email folders to sync
with should have been fair warning to me that the thing had absolutely no
intention of synching with anything at all!  But that's not what Palm's
marketing blurb led me to believe, so does anyone know the secret?

2. You cant see the screen if outdoors in bright daylight.  The older black
& white screened Palms were great in the sun, great in the dark, but not
much use in that funny twilight sort of part of the day, but that was almost
never a problem.  Having a Palm TX screen that you cant see for about 80% of
your working day is more of a problem.  Is there any software that will
somehow revert the screen back to a non-backlit black & white display?

Re: Getting used to a Palm TX

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There is no possible software solution to the screen's viewability in
the outdoor lighting situation. Some color LCD's such as that used on
the TE worked very well in sunlight, but the screen on the TX is
different. It has to do with the actual design and construction of the
LCD and there are a number of different types. I find this particulariy
upsetting because there was no way to view one outside at the local
store where I can check out PDA's. Palm advertises the TX as being 30%
brighter than any of its previous PDA's but this is false as I have
measured it with a light meter to be significantly dimmer than my Palm
TE. You have to either accept the TX's desplay or get another model
such as the discontinued TE for instance.

I went from the m500 to a TE and now the TX. I have decided that I
simply have to change my way of using it to accommodate it since it
cannot change to accommodate me.

I do not use Outlook so I cannot help with that matter.

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