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I own a Garmin IQue 3600 and would like to purchase some software and
accessories for it that is not offered by Garmin. I know the "guts" of the
3600 are based on one of the Palm products but don't know which one. Can
anyone tell me which Palm the 3600 is based on so that I can select the
proper software and accessories?


Re: Garmin IQue 3600

I ue all the Palm software on my Garmin without problems.

Re: Garmin IQue 3600


I can't answer your question, but I can ask you one:  I'm looking at
picking up a 3600.  I've owned about 7 Palms over the years (use a 7135
Palm phone now).  I had a question about using the audio recording
feature, which wasn't answered looking at the downloaded manual.  How's
the quality of recordings?  Can you pick the sample-rate?  What are the



Re: Garmin IQue 3600

I have only tested the voice recorder to see what it does, don't
really have a need for it now. Seems to sound decent for recording
notes and conversations.  Doesn't have any options to change the
sample rate, at least in my searching right now. Also haven't tried it
out at meetings or anything to see the range of pickup.
Hope this helps a little, otherwise overall the 3600 works well.

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