Franklin eBookman keyboard project

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I previously posted this to comp.sys.handhelds, a N.G. with very
little recent traffic; I was not aware of this N.G. until I checked
my nntp server's active file, and now discover somewhat more traffic
here, albeit not much recently regarding the eBookman PDAs.  I hope
that this post is of use to some readers.

Previously published material describes constructing modifications to
Palm and other maker's keyboards to use with the Franklin eBookman
911 (and perhaps 901); I have documented my implementation of a
modified keyboard, with schematics, construction data and
bill-of-materials at:

It works well for text entry, from any program that accepts text input,
and it uses an open-source driver from Whitware. A freely available
SDK, sample code and tutorials are also available from a variety of
Internet sources.



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