Fast and Cheap SD Card.

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I'm currently looking for a 1GB SDCARD. I will prefer something which
will be compatible with my old Axim X5, but also something enough fast
to support video reading and be used within my photo camera.

What are currently the best ratio price / performance / fiability brand
? Do you have any good "international link" to order some SDcard. Few
years ago, i was ordering it in australia.

Thanks in advance.

Gelu Laurent.

Re: Fast and Cheap SD Card.

Laurent Gelu wrote:
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PQI are a brilliant brand of SD card, in my opinion. I'm getting 2 of
these bastards soon.

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Re: Fast and Cheap SD Card.

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I seem to remember an incompatibility issue with them and 1 device (memory
fails though) so you might want to post what you've got to see if anybody

Also, I've just seen that there is a Sandisk Extreme in addition to the
Ultra II.  The Extreme supposedly gets 20MB/sec transfer rate, which is
drive speed AFAIK.  Damn good.
Dunno what they cost though.  The Ultra II's run about $30 more than the
regular in the 2GB range.  Current best I've seen is $142 regular, $172
Ultra II.  Oddly, Ebay sales tend to be higher than that.  Guess people
don't know how to Froogle or something.

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