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I'll be taking a long flight later this summer and want to make sure that I
have enough power for my T3 to keep me entertained (hoping to compress some
DVD's down for TCPMP to view).

Short of building something like this (which I'm still considering):
http://www.boingboing.net/2005/12/02/usb_9volt_charger_ki.html and risking
electrocuting myself (or rather, risk frying my precious T3), what
suggestions do people have for added power on the go?



Re: Extra power

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An external battery pack.

Re: Extra power

Guy Bannis wrote:
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Like this one advertised on eBay:


I think they make versions for just about all rechargable Palms.

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It is alleged that Terrence Chun claimed:

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As my brother is planning on doing now that he has an E2 (upgraded from
a Clie T615), "reserve a seat with a power socket and plug it in."

Although his media of choice is apparently going to be music mp3s and
NPR podcasts.

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Terrence Chun schrieb:
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You might want to look for a device called PowerToGo (google helps).
It is a rechargeable battery which can be used to fully recharge your T3
twice, alternatively it can be used as a battery extender giving you up
to 3x the normal battery life.
It should be available at decent prices since the Palm series with the
old universal connector is phased out (in Switzerland one offices
supplier shelled out the last items at about 30% list price, maybe the
same thing is happening somewhere near you).

Cheers, Uli
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Re: Extra power

Uli Lachmuth said: "You might want to look for a device called
PowerToGo (google helps). "

I have tried Google on Powertogo but to no avail. I can only find
references in other discussion groups but no suppliers. Palm kindly
supply a User manual for the device but there is no other reference to
it on their site. It sounds like something I could use A LOT!. Does
anybody know of a supplier?

Thanks in anticipation.


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WillofIrony wrote:
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You may be too late - I think these were EOLed last year, they  were
very cheap on sites like Expansys, but are now out of stock. I bought
two at that time, and they really are brilliant - as they clip onto the
back of the Palm, instead of dangling on the end of a short cable. The
downside is that they are a lot more expensive than the other options
mentioned here.


They might be available through some vendors on ebay or similar,
possibly as people upgrade from their old universal connector Palms they
may sell their accessories too.

Re: Extra power


Terrence Chun wrote:
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Couldn't be happier with Boxwave (www.boxwave.com). Check their minisync
line, together with the battery adapter, which works with 4 AA
batteries. You can find USB charging cables not only for Palms, but also
mobile phones, Archos, etc... Very useful. Boxwave's service is also

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Re: Extra power

I have two T3s and I think you have received great feedback. It is
pretty easy to handle.I will repeat one remark, then add on another
suggestion, one that I think is great on the software end. There
doesn't have to be much money or complications for this.

1. I totally agree with the suggesstion about getting the small and
simple "outside power source".
   What I mean is one of the small devices that hold four AA baterries
and have either a USB connection or a T3 connector on the other end. I
have both.
   While getting one with a USB connector on the sending end of the
power device makes it more flexible, it means that you will also need
to have a USB to Tungsten T3 cable as well to connect it to.
  If you look, you can find a small four batter holder that will have a
cable to connect directly to a Tungsten T3.

2. There also are small "travel plugs" that can be purchased that plug
into a power socket, and a USB connector on the other end (you will
need a USB to T3 cable for this), and/or get one that has a connection
directly to the T3. Small and handy.

3. There is always the car ligher to USB or directly to your T3 if you
will be doing some car travel.

 I have seem them sold together as a package on ebay many times and
have purchased all of these options.

4. If you want to keep things "small", it might be an idea to also get
a small expanding USB to T3 cable to have with you, which you can use
to plug into a computer, or a one of the USB devices I mentioned above.

5. Last and not least is a cheap software product that I have installed
recently and I love it. It is called Fullpower. You can dowmload the
free full function demo and it costs $8.50 anyway. It is one simple
screens that "tweaks" the shotdown value as well as lowers the the
lowend threshhold for the backlit settings.
This gives me a few hours more of use on my battery each time I have
charged it.
For example, I just came back from shopping and I played two ours of
music (ogg format) on Ptunes.
Before Fullpower, the batter would be about 20% , maybe ? I listened as
as used it for some word processing functions and my power is at 63%.
Here is their site for my information.

Terrence Chun wrote:
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Re: Extra power

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checkout http://www.xantrex.com/web/id/179/p/1/pt/32/product.asp

Great power resource.  One charge will recharge my Palm 600 about four
times. Only hassel is the time it takes to recharge the power pack - about
10hours.  But worth it.

Re: Extra power

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I too watch movies on planes, currently using an ipaq.  Asking for
seat with power is good idea, but that typically means an upgrade to
business class which isn't really worth it just to charge your
handheld (well sometimes it is :-).

For battery solutions I use

a digipower dps8100 which is really designed for a camera but works
well, I get about three recharges from it, which is more than enough
for even trans oceanic flights.

Another slightly more accessable method is boxwave's battery adapter
for minisync USB cables


It basically gives a powered usb port from four AA batteries, I've
used this too for long trips.


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