Expansion Card vs SD memory

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I am considering the purchase of a Zire 72 because I like the camera

Palms web site states that for video and music you need an expansion card.
The Palm expansion card is much more expensive than SD memory.  Can they be
used interchangeably in the 72 or are there some features that you can only
use if you have the Palm Expansion card?

Please advise.


Re: Expansion Card vs SD memory

AndyH schreef (14-11-2004 22:54):
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As far as I know the Palm expansion card is nothing more then ordinary
MMC or SD memory, so I don't think you will miss any feature (at least I
haven't with my 'normal' SD card, and I did use 'm for video's and music
already on my Zire 31).


Re: Expansion Card vs SD memory

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Check it out closely before you buy. The still camera makes very poor quality
pictures that are not much good for anything but email (and viewing on the
Zire72 of course). I think that it is the camera lens quality at fault as IMO
the pictures from the Zire72 are not much better than those from the Zire71 even
though it sports 3 times the resolution. Also video is likewise poor in quality
and it really is more of a gadget than anything resembling a real video
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Any brand SD card will work fine. The good news is that the Zire72 holds the SD
card very firmly in the slot and you won't have to worry about accidentally
losing the card. The bad news is it kills you fingers to get it in and out, so
if you change it often it is a bit of a pain (literally)... ;)

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