enhanced PIM issues?

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We're thinking about newer palms for family+me, but I'm concerned about
the enhanced PIMs. Seems like the enhanced PIMs solve limitations of
earlier PIM apps but seem to introduce worse problems:
1) kludgy
2) poorly documented
3) poorly supported in reading desktop data (ideally via open source)

I have a bunch of (working) scripts which extract info from
pre-enhanced PIM data stored on PC but would like to consider some
newer Palms (but also if we can go back if new models are poor). Also
I'd like to consider some alternative desktops, including
Linux/BSD/Un*x and/or Mac.

1) What solutions have ppl tried to read enhanced-PIM data? How well do
they work?
2) If we move old data to newer models (eg, T3, TX or even Lifedrive),
we can NEVER go back (to pre-enhanced PIMs) easily?
3) Are later enhanced PIMs less trouble-prone than earlier  (LD > T3)?
4) Can we get around this problem by getting newer model palms and
using supernames, datebook5, etc. (kludgy)?
5) If we get tapwave, garmin or used sony clies, they stayed with same
PIM formats?
6) Do enhanced PIMS work with Linux/BSD/Un*x and/or Mac desktops?
7) Tungsten C was the last high-end Palm before enhanced PIMs?


Re: enhanced PIM issues?


Before I talk about software, I find the key is not the PIM software
that is used (as long as there is not a focus on combining calendars),
but the time and data management system that someone uses and commits
to using.
It doesn't matter what  computerized methods are used if they are not
used consistently and fit the style of the user.

The biggest help that I got was just when I got my first PDA, the Palm
Pro, way back,  I went to a multiple day Franklin Planner Time
Management Class. Now, I do not like paper and carrying relying on a
non-backed up book. Plus, paper organizers cannot jump out at you and
remind you about an appointment or todo.

So, I adopted the principles I learned from the Franklin Class, which
really changed my life, to the Palm Pro. That was perfect !! I can take
my PDA to meetings, synch it later, and basically have the same set of
information wherever I go and I use alerts a lot to remind me if I have
something to do.

In this way, I got rid of my sticky notes, cluddering up my monitor and
paper reminders at all. I am a procrastinator and skatterbrained by
nature, so this really helps me. I remember when I first started to
stay with the Franklin Planner philosophy, which really is to help
people match up the time we spend with the values that we have. It was
a shock to see myself allocate more time to things that were less
important to me. I always start and end my day or do it again in the
middle of the day, but looking at my schedule. This give me freedom.

I will use this process for planning things that might be six months or
a year in advance, with putting breaking down the steps, entering them
in a simple way, with alerts at given times and then let them go.

I also have been told during the first year I did this how much easier
I was to work with by my associates. I never realized before how my
scatterbrained, instinctive way of doing things was creating additional
pressure for those I work with.

So I like intuitive, simple applications that can connect to my PIM
information. I like simplicity of entry or I will not use them. When
someone might tell me something while I am walking to go to an
appointment, I will write the information down immediately under their
calendar listing or I ask them to send my an email. Then I can take the
email and usually copy and paste the information into my PIM system.

I know exactly where you are coming from. When I lookked at databk5,
after about 30 minutes, I found it to confusing and not intuitive.

Since I used Outlook 2000, I use Outlook Beyond, but I also make sure
that I use tools that can connect to my PIM applications and that in
turn will transfer to my PC, so I always have one set of information at
home, at work and at my home PC. With my short term memory issues,  I
really need to rely on that, combined with alarms on my T3, which
vibrates, etc.

I just downloads a very simple, free aplication make that organizes
when my home bills come in called MyHome Very, very simple and most
important is that it has a hook to my Todo list on the PDA, which
synchs to Outlook Todos on my PCs.

I use one of the more ambitious Palm/PC appplications called Shadowplan
because it helps me to stop, think and organize my projects. That also
have a hook to todo and the Calendar.

In my opinion, it is NOT the software which makes any software
successful, it is the commitment and adoption of software/hardware to
act as a tool for an individuals chosen method of personal time and
data management.

Some people think I never forget things, like my kids, HA. My short
term memory has been shot for years.


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