Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive??

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Hi all,

I'd like to use a PocketPC handheld to
copy images from my digital camera and
view them, and then store them for
later use, freeing up my compactflash.
But to do that I need a handheld that
has a hard drive built-in. Seems
entirely logical and a good idea,
but do any handheld actually have a
hard drive?


Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive??

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Yes--handhelds have persistent memory (a hard drive so-to-speak) with varying
sizes. For example, a
Palm Tungsten T has 16MB (Megabytes) of built-in memory whereas some Pocket PCs
and other Palm OS
devices have more, such as 64MB of built-in memory.

On a more interesting note (given your idea here) many handhelds now support the
use of removable
media (or memory cards). Handhelds (depending on the model) can use small,
stamp-sized memory cards,
such as SD (Secure Digtal) cards, MMCs (Multimedia Cards), or Compact Flash
cards to expand their
built-in memory.

If you haven't already purchased a handheld computer, I would suggest a Palm
handheld for a number
of very good reasons. First, Palm OS (Operating System) handhelds are the most
holding the largest market share. So why is this important? There are many more
programs available
for Palm OS handhelds versus PocketPCs.

Second reason I would suggest a Palm OS handheld? It is what is commonly called
'form factor' in the
handheld industry--it is the size and weight of a handheld; however, PocketPCs
have really come
along way since they were first brought to market a couple years ago--some of
them are much smaller
than previous models. The form factor is important to keep in mind largely
because this will
determine if you are likely to carry your handheld wherever you go--if its too
bulky, you won't
carry it after a while. The Palm Tungsten models are very nice whereas they are
small and light
weight--they have an excellent form factor.

In closing, I would suggest you consider a Palm Tungsten series handheld:

Tungsten T
Tungsten T2
Tungsten T3

I would also consider the following application, Splashphoto. NOTE: There are
other photo programs
available; however, Splash Photo comes with desktop software that assists Palm
users with
synchronizing their pictures from their desktop to their handheld. Splashphoto
also supports
installing pictures to memory cards, such as SD or MMCs--you'll really like this
feature. Here's the
link (click on the link or copy and paste into your browser's address bar):

Finally, if you have any more questions, simply post a reply or you may send an

Best regards,

Todd Shillam
Information Technology Consultant
Shillam Technology

Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive??

On 1 Jul 2004 21:01:25 -0700, (ziliath) wrote:

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If you're trying to off-load CF Cards so you can reuse them in your
camera, then you want _large_ quantities of room. You also need a way
to get pictures from a CF Card you've used in your camera to the
alternative. Both present challenges.

I don't think any PDAs have actual hard drives built-in. Most PDAs
support some sort of removable storage (CF, SD, ...). But I don't
think any of these cards have more than 5 GB, and the ones that do are

Given that you want to copy from a CF Card to another storage medium,
you need two connections. I think only a few PDAs have a CF Card and
another slot. At least some (but definitely not all) PDAs support USB
"host" (probably not the right term), which might let you connect your
camera and thus copy from the CF Card _in_ your camera to something in
a slot on the PDA.

You might consider a PDA with USB "host" teamed up with a 2.5" hard
drive in an external case with USB connector. You can buy such a case
for < $50 US. I'm not sure about prices for 2.5" IDE drives. Not the
least expensive route, but you would have lots of room.

Another option might be a CD writer, but I think that would require a
laptop. And if you were already carrying a laptop, you probably
wouldn't have asked the question.

If you don't have any other reason to carry a PDA, I think one of the
other alternatives would be more convenient and cost less. Someone
else mentioned devices that are meant to off-load storage cards. I
think some of these connect to televisions, so you can preview and/or
share your pictures. But I think the best solution, in terms of
portability and cost, would be to carry several CF Cards.

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Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive??

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Technically "yes", via a CF drive - but the capacities are going to be too low.

If you're willing to go with a dedicated device, you have serveral options that
I know of...maybe more:

1) Something like a DataTank or DigitalWallet which are laptop drives wrapped
something that's specifically designed to D/L the contents of a memory card and
store it.

2) A device that burns directly to CD without needing a PC host and which reads
(and stores?) memory cards.   Can't remember any names, but I've seen at least

3) A bottom-of-the-line PC or notebook - maybe even one with a built-in burner.

4) An Apple iPod plus a $100 add-on that enables it to read/store pictures from
memory cards.

If the form factor were acceptable, #3 would appeal to me the most because it
would also give a viewing option.

I've got #1 in the form of a 3-gig DigitalWallet (whose maker, I think, is

Recently purchased the card reader/downloader for my 40-gig iPod, but was
disappointed to see that it was slow as Death, only did pictures, needed
separate non-rechargable batteries, and didn't do all that well on battery life.

Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive??

I have a Palm OS 5 powered Zodiac 2 by  It's greate advantage
over many handhelds is that it has 2 SD slots insted of one. You can now
purchase 512MB 60x SD cards & 1 to 4GB have been anounced by several
companys. So if you put in two 1GB SD cards even that would be great for
storage and viewing of photos. The Zodiac also has the best screen on the
market so that's a 2nd advantage.


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Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive?? (ziliath) wrote in news:6b963d7f.0407011924.2c830b46

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What most people think of as a hard drive, no.  They require too much power
and are too fragile.  All handhelds have ROM and persistent RAM, though, so
you can save your programs and data.  Why do you need a hard drive?



Re: Does any PocketPC handheld have a hard drive?? (ziliath) writes:

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The compactflash are the hard drives of the handheld.  You may have
noted that a compactflash memory is nowhere as fast as true computer
memory.  It feels as slow as a mere hard disk.

Buy a bigger compactflash.

Or buy a compactflash/USB card reader and read the files on your desktop PC.

The above solutions will work 100%, but perhaps you need to archive
much more images than would fit in a couple of compactflash, and you
don't have and don't want a desktop PC.  So, one could imagine the
following solution, but it's not sure it'll work:

- Find an USB interface for your PocketPC (perhaps there's none).
- Buy a USB hard drive.
- Hook them.
- See if you can access the hard disk from your PocketPC (perhaps
  there's no driver to do it).

Besides, this solution will be more expensive than buying a mere USB
card reader for an existing desktop PC.

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