Documents to Go keeps losing my files

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I have an important spreadsheet which I keep on my T5 internal drive. A
few times now, Documents to Go has just deleted it, normally after a
soft reset, without any explanation. It's really annoying me as I have
to keep a paper copy of the data (it's a flying logbook if anyone is
interested) as I can't trust the software to keep my data safe.

Has anyone else encountered this? I do keep regular backups, so have
not lost too much data (and I can re-enter it from my paper copy, even
though it's a pain)

Re: Documents to Go keeps losing my files wrote:

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   I can't trust DTG either! Files that are updated on my computer or
Palm, don't get transferred. Other files are lost. Errors on opening. I
use BackupMan - which is a lifesaver at times!

   Iambic has TinySheet4, which unfortunately has not been updated in
years. Excellent software. Now though, on my T|X, it crashes on
selecting other colours.

   I've never lost anything with TS4. Doesn't sync at all on Mac, but I
keep most of my data on the Palm anyway.


Re: Documents to Go keeps losing my files


maz wrote:
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To be fair, I use DTG for years, and I never lost anything. Maybe your
settings are not correct?

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Re: Documents to Go keeps losing my files

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I just got an E2 on Monday and have already had trouble with DTG - but
only on the PeeCee.  I use a Mac at home and have had no glitches, but
at the office there's the dreaded PeeCee, on which I installed the DTG
version that came with the Palm, and it was working OK.  Then there was
something in my face about an update, to 7.006 (from 7.003) so what the
hell, though I might have realized I didn't need it, I installed it ...
now I can't complete a sync on the PeeCee.  

The new version had Chinese included, so for some inane reason I turned
that on in the installation.  That might have caused the trouble, or
maybe it was just the upgrade itself.  In any case, I have tried to
uninstall DTG and it never finishes that either.  I ripped its lung out
and installed the original version and that did complete, but it still
won't finish a sync.  I haven't had time to completely uninstall the
whole Palm dealie and do it over, but I'll do so ASAP...

Grumble mumble.
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