Documenst To Go link to Palm Desktop broken

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I posted this also over in alt.comp.os.palm.

Last Friday I installed the security update for my Palm T|X.
I thought this was supposed to only be installed on the T|X,
but for some reason it seems to have broken the link between
Documents To Go and Palm Desktop.

Documents To Go works when I start it directly.  However,
HotSync hangs when trying to sync Documents To Go.  The only
way to prevent this is to tell Hotsync to Do Nothing with
Documents To Go.  The Documents To Go icon in Palm Desktop
is also dead - and not the normal looking icon.  Since Palm
Desktop can't find and start Documents To Go, I assume this
is why HotSync hangs if I tell it to sync Documents To Go.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Documents To Go and Palm
Desktop three times, including deleting the Documents To Go
folder in Program Files and the Dataviz folder in Common
Files, and the Registry folder for US Robotics before each
reinstallation. All this according to instructions from
Dataviz tech support.  Nothing has changed, and Dataviz tech
support has no other solutions - they seem to have walked
away from this problem with their software.

The Dataviz knowledge base has a fix that includes updating
a DLL in the Inbox To Go folder, but I don't have Inbox to
Go installed so there is no conflicting DLL to replace and
no folder to place the new DLL into.

Does anyone else know how I might fix this?  Or, how to find
and fix the links between Palm Desktop and the various
program icons listed on the left side of Palm Desktop?

Perhaps I should so another install and this time also
delete all the Palm folders, since the bad data may be
buried in there.

Vic Roberts
Replace xxx with vdr in e-mail address.

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