Development options for form-based application

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It's been a few years since I did any mobile device application work.
I'm hoping to get some advice on the best approach - specifically
choosing the right tools - for a certain application.

The application we will be creating will be used by a small force of
in-field workers (under 25 people to start). They will be required to
visit locations and take notes on what they observe via one or more
forms on the PDA. We cannot rely on a wireless connection at all the
locations they will visit. Therefore, after the user had visited
multiple locations (and completing PDA-based forms at each one) they
would return to their home office and sync the PDA. During the sync
process, we want the data that they captured to be transmitted to a
central database (MS SQL Server) via the Internet where the data from
each PDA-based form will be stores as a new record in the DB.

Also, it is possible that we may have a requirement for data to flow TO
the PDA during the sync process. For example, we amy want to distribute
alerts and news, or work orders, to mobile field force during the sync
process. Let's assume this data is personalized for the indivdual.
Again, the primary application requirements are outlined in the
previous paragraph, however, I don't want to shut the door on being
able to add this functionality if it's determined to be needed.

The main solution I have been investigating would use Pendragon Forms
and their SyncServer. Can anyone give me their opinion on this? Also,
what about other technolgies like Intellisync (formerly Satellite
Forms) and Appforge? It's not clear to me if Appforge can do the remote
sync that we need. Given the nature of the development team, low-level
development (C and the associated tools - i.e. Codewarrior) tools will
probably not be any option.
Any and all advice welcomed. Thanks for your time.

- Gregg

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