Connecting a Palm to a Phone

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Can someone explain to me how the above works.
I have a Nokia 6600 which has GPRS "Services" set up that instantly
goes to O2 active pages (it doesn't appear to dial - it just starts
up straight away).
I have a Palm Tungsten T5.
The T5 is Bluetooth paired and trusted with the Nokia
I have all the Network settings as instructed by O2 - one of which is
a phone number.
Question is - where does the Palm tell the Nokia to go to GPRS or is
it dialling that number? If so, is this NOT GPRS and simply GSM?
As it happens it has currently stopped working as it was ok for ages
last year. I now get an error: modem not found (0x1106)
Thanks in advance.

Re: Connecting a Palm to a Phone says...
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There is a dialling string which simply tells the Nokia to opt for GPRS.  
I find the Phone config i the T5 generally resets the modem drivers etc.

Andrew Steele

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Re: Connecting a Palm to a Phone

Thanks A,
I understand about the string now (not sure what it actually is though)
but what do you mean about the "resets"? Why do you refer to a modem?
Is that what the Palm thinks the Nokia is.
Sorry to be a bit thick on this.
Andrew Steele ROT-13 encoded wrote:
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Re: Connecting a Palm to a Phone schreef (2-6-2006 11:38):
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To use GPRS, your palm needs to dial a number like *99# (don't know it
exactly, but it was something like this). If that doesn't work (like it
was the case for me) you could try a program like Mobile High Speed
( ), that fixed my
Infrared connection between my Zire 31 and my Siemens CX70 with no problems.


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