conduits for outlook

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I have an older Palm IIIxe that I want to use. I no longer have the CD that
cam with it so I downloaded the Palm Desktop 4.1.4 off of PalmOnes site. My
old desktop software had conduits that would sync with Outlook. When I
installed and ran this version it never recognized that I had Outlook
installed and would only sync with Palms desktop. I emailed Palm and was
told that this version has no conduits for Outlook and I would have to
purchase conduits from a third party. I really do not want to buy anything
for an old Palm IIIxe as I can get a new Palm Zire for $99. Is there anyway
that I can find the old desktop with the conduits, or was I misinformed and
perhaps they are in the new software? Thanks for any help.


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