Compiling under PalmOS SDK

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Hello, please read all the message before starting to answer

Last message I sent (
) I was interested about develop a program that access the Palm
Datebook database using just Delphi

First at all, I have access to the activex of the OleServer interface
but when the Palm interface call this, it returns a error. So probably
there is an error about the "translation" that the Delphi 5 (little bit
old, but it is what I have) makes to access the ActiveX interface. Thus
I showed this problem to the client and then he told me that, if  I
want I can change the language. But is it possible that this error was

Good, Excellent. Now I started developing under C/C++, and use the Palm
OS Development Suite. I think that was a good option, the reason is
that this interface is well documented.

But they do not have a BEGINNER tutorial ! I cannot neither compile the
simplest code ! The eclipse SDK  does not help me with my purpose. It
is not clear to me how to compile under Windows OS. Do I need to make a
Makefile before? Even if I want to run a simple HelloWorld?

I have tried to compile a lot of simple codes like helloworld but I
cannot.... I do not neither know how.

And then, finally, running a DLL as a Notifier in HotSync, is it
possible to read the Datebook database, even if I am not the user date?

Thank you,
Gustavo Laufer

Re: Compiling under PalmOS SDK

Complement to "But they do not have a BEGINNER tutorial !"
===> the examples that they have are all "part" of the code, neither
the includes are shown. Neither the function that calls that (the part
of the code).

So, if you have one complete example PLEASE SEND ME. It does not need
to be a complete code, for commercial purpose, but just a hello  world
acessing the database that I should have no problem to compile. :)

Thank you, THANK YOU, my life depends of that almost . escreveu:

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Re: Compiling under PalmOS SDK

If you can handle C/C++, just use Visual Studio to create a standard Windows
dll, and add the Conduit "Entry Points".  Those are documented in the PDF
that comes with the Palm SDK

DataGetŪ & PocketLogŪ
Data Collectors     

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