CompactFlash with autoprotection against low voltage.

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I want to buy some CompactFlash card 512 MB - 1 GB
for my palmtop/databank Ericsson MC218
(almost the same as Psion 5mx).
I have problems with my current card HP 32 MB
(it is maybe SanDisk, but with an HP label on it):
 1. When the voltage of batteries goes down to approx. 2.4 V
    it happens after writing: "Flash CORRUPTED".
 2. Even when the voltage is quite OK of approx. 2.7 V
    if I write to the card about 4 MB of data at the same moment
    it is again: "Flash CORRUPTED".
I have done quite a large research on this subject
but I found almost nothing concerning CompactFlash cards.
This is *known* problem with Psions/MC218.

Q: Are there any CompactFlash cards on the market that have
BUILT-IN AUTOPROTECTION against low voltage?
BUILT-IN AUTOPROTECTION against low voltage?
What vendor/type/label??
I mean exactly that those cards I am looking for should be independent
on operating system's low voltage protection.
MC218 (Psion 5mx) has a low voltage protection in EPOC operating system
but it somewhow does NOT work well (or what the matter is; I do not
know exactly).
It happened to me about 15 times during last year!
Otherwise, my card is normally working well, it is readable, writable,
only larger amount of data written at the same moment
corrupts it + low voltage batteries.
Of course, I use alkaline batteries. I do not use rechargable

Thanks for info and any help.


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