CLIE peg-N610c power up problem!

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just today, my clie n610c didnt power down when i pressed the power
button. it stayed on for a while. then I tried to reset it and pushed
the little reset button at the back. now, the start message "palm
powered" is on and the pda doesnt start up anymore. the green power
light is always on!
has anyone any idea why the power button doesnt work?



Re: CLIE peg-N610c power up problem!

here is the update, the battery went dead and I connected the power
supply to the pda. the pda started, i can view the menus but the
back-light didnt come on. I tried to turn off the PDA using the power
button but it doesnt respond. I also used the software option and chose
power off from the drop down menu but it still didnt power down but the
back light came on.
So the machines doesnt power down at all.
I greatly appreciate any suggestion!!!

Re: CLIE peg-N610c power up problem!

On 15 Mar 2006 19:08:46 -0800,
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Try a hard reset.  Hold the power button while you press the reset
button.  Some Palm Tungsten models have problems with the power switch
coming loose from the circuit board, but I'm not aware of any such
complaints about Sony PDAs.

You look tired.

Re: CLIE peg-N610c power up problem!

well I tried that already. it behaves like a normal soft reset. and the
pda doesnt start up until the battery dies and i have to plug in the
power adapter.

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