Cingular "Media Works" with Treo 600

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I just bought a Treo 600 and a 2 yr contract with Cingular, including their
"Media Works" data option.  For about the first couple weeks the Treo could
access, via the browser, the internet.  But, now I get a "data timeout"
after it tries to connect for a couple minutes.  I just got off the phone
with Cingular and they said their "Media Works" data plan isn't compatible
with the Treo 600, and that I'd need to purchase the "Unlimited" data
package.  They don't have any answer as to why it worked for the first
couple of weeks.

Has anyone been able to get it to work with "Media Works"?  If so, what are
the "Network" and "Web" application settings?


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Re: Cingular "Media Works" with Treo 600

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That doesn't sound right. If "Media Works" doesn't work why would the
Unlimited Data plan work? (I am assuming you are talking about Media Net.)
The Unlimited Data plan is just one of the options for a Media Net account.
I don't have a Treo 600 but I have a Palm T3 and a Motorola V551 phone. My
combination works fine.


Re: Cingular "Media Works" with Treo 600


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"Media Works" is one data plan which Cingular wishes to provide only to phones
dumber than the Treos (e.g., RAZR).
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