Cheaper/Older Palm device that vibrates?

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Hi there,

Are there any Palm devices (new or old really) that have the ability,
either intrinsically or with add-ons, to produce a vibrational output
rather than audio beeps, etc., if desired?

Not looking for phone functionality here, just the ability to vibrate.


Re: Cheaper/Older Palm device that vibrates?


The m505 seems to have the hardware features I'm looking for.

Can anyone tell me if it's possible (in a simple way, preferably!) for
simple programs written in a version of BASIC for the palm (say HotPaw
or something similar) to drive the vibration feature of the m505?

Or indeed is it a system setting? i.e. can you set an overall
configuration so that _anything_ any program tries to drive through the
speaker produces vibration instead?

An odd request, but thanks in advance for any help anyone might be able
to offer... =)


Re: Cheaper/Older Palm device that vibrates?

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"Vibrate"  is what a speaker does for a living!

In order for you to 'feel' the vibration as a "vibration" it has to be
two things that the PDA speaker is not going to be able to deliver. It
has to be a low frequency and it has to move a considerable amount of
mass. The speaker moves a tiny amount of air. To feel a vibration on
your body you need to move an enormous volume of air or a solid object
with some considerable mass. The tiny PDA speaker cannot do this.

The vibrating device in PDAs that have the vibrating feature is a small
electromechanical device designed soley for that purpose. Typically,
they will use a very small electric motor with an off-center weight
attached to its spinning shaft which will cause the vibration when this
out-of-balance motor shaft spins. There are other types of vibrators

If your PDA does not already have one, you are out of luck unless you
have the skill to do the modification required to insatll one. There is
very little extra room in a typical PDA so it would likely be a
daunting task.

Re: Cheaper/Older Palm device that vibrates?

Chris Cole wrote:
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Treo 180, 180g

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