Canceling a pending event

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I have a POPUPLIST that gets filled dynamically, and I'm trying to make its
behaviour a little more user friendly. When the user taps I grab the screenX
and screenY values from the pendown event to decide whether I need to kill
the event. If I do, I don't want the popSelectEvent to fire at the next
pendown event. I tried dequeing it, but that didn't work. I also tried
adding a pendown event to the queue in the popSelectEvent in an attempt to
get the Palm to re-raise the POPUPLIST without a user tap. I'm new to PDA
programing, and fooling the Palm OS seems like quite the chore. Does anybody
have the syntax to kill a pending event?

Re: Canceling a pending event

Humphrey wrote:

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I don't have any idea what you're trying to do and how it's more
user-friendly.  What event are you trying to kill, and why, and
what are you trying to accomplish?

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Look at your main event loop.  You call EvtGetEvent(), right?  Then
what do you do after that?  You probably pass that event to
SysHandleEvent().  If you don't want the system to handle that
event, one solution would be to not ever pass it to SysHandleEvent()
or MenuHandleEvent() or AppHandleEvent() (if you have one) or

  - Logan

Re: Canceling a pending event

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The Palm scrollbar is just too narrow. Users often inadvertently tap in the
list when they are trying to scroll, and they complain about it a great
deal.  I want to ignore the popSelectEvent if the Y coordinate is within 5-8
of the right edge. I want to popuplist to remain up and able to respond to a
valid scroll or a valid select, meaning not too close to the scroll bar.

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