Can you recommend a palmtop?

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Hi all

It's been a few years since I've looked into palmtops. My last (still
running) acquisition was a Palm m100. It was good for what it did, but
it no longer serves my needs. I was considering getting a Jornada 720
or a MobilePro 900, (heck, even looked into the Toshiba Libretto 70ct)
but it occurs to me I can get similar use out of a palmtop with a fold
out keyboard.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good palmtop (of any brand,
OS) that does the following

Very good battery life - this is very important to me. 8hrs+ at least
at a bare minimum
Has integrated WiFi or ability to use WiFi modem
Has means whereby to add on extra storage (are CF cards still the
industry standard?)
Has fold out keyboard available (for extra purchase)
Able to be charged independent of connection to desktop PC

Let's say my budget is $500 US max (the cheaper the better)

Really, my main use for the PDA would be to use Supermemo (a memory
program), surf the net wirelessly between classes, possibly write a few
essays. A mini laptop replacement of sorts.

I dunno if the WinCe or the PalmOS are more suitable to this end? Maybe
one of the newever Linux based PDA's? Something else?

Any suggestions? I'm all ears.

Also - can you tell me which OS has more shareware/freeware/software in
general for it? Is it still PalmOs? (Again - I've been out of the loop
for about 4yrs)

Re: Can you recommend a palmtop?

I have just purchased a Palm T|X and though it is a very nice PDA with
the normal Palm apps, I am not impressed with the lack apps that make
use of the larger screen.

Mostly the Palm apps do not use the extra screen space, though main
apps like calendar and contacts do.  It is really annoying that Palm
only saw fit to change a few of the apps.  Most dialog boxes are still
positioned as if using the smaller display, sloppy, really sloppy.

That goes when using landscape mode as well, most apps are not aware
and the extra screen space is taken up by the keyboard.

I got a Palm wireless keyboard, cuz I spend at least 15hrs a week on
flying too different countries and I have never really liked using my
laptop, so the Palm T|X and small keyboard seemed perfect, and it does
work very well.  But again is let down by the software team, when you
switch between applications by using the keyboard (there are keyboard
shortcuts to do this) the apps insist on executing in portrait mode,
useless cuz the keyboard is best used in landscape to get the width for
typing in stuff.

Again very sloppy software development/quality control.  It really does
let down a good hardware platform.

Wi-Fi is easy and useful but the web browser is out of date, not sure
what Palm where really thinking of. 'Lets get Wi-Fi in a product', but
someone a Palm forgot to think about how the owner will use the Palm
with wireless.  Yes email works fine, but now I have fast download with
Wi-Fi the email client has not been updated to cater for Wi-Fi and
having more storage in the T|X, as far as I can see the web and email
applications are the same that Palm have been offering for a few years
now, no real updates or improvements to take advantage of Wi-Fi.

Now I have a EDGE capable cell phone, 384kbps in lots of countries
countries I visit.  There is not really much on the T|X that really
takes advantage of this, same old apps that Palm where pushing when we
were using GSM at 9600kbps.

The new display is great and battery life is good, the hardware people
at Palm did a great job in creating the PDA, totally let down by the
software.  I have a Zire 72 and the messaging app supported both MMS
and SMS, the messaging client on the T|X does not support MMS, only
SMS.  The Zire 72 was release a few years before the T|X, what gives?

Note: if you want Wi-Fi security beyond WEP then you will have to
purchase an upgrade, It's not free.  Not really a problem because most
home/private users with a Wi-Fi network at home tend not to use
anything beyond WEP, cuz anything more than WEP is a bit too complex.
So I am not surprised but Windows Mobile comes with everything as

This is Palm, as we know all sorts of problems with the OS being sold
and rumors of Linux and...and...and...  Palm can make good hardware but
it seems the software/apps on the current hardware is looking out of
date and not keeping up with the Palm hardware.  Not sure what Palm
will do about us existing owners when they actually sort their act out,
I suspect nothing...If so then I will consider Windows Mobile.

  High resolution screen (same as Palm)
  Up to date browser
  More active 3rd party software developers
  Improving battery life
  Improved BT and Wi-Fi support


Re: Can you recommend a palmtop? wrote:
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If you really need a mini laptop, I would recommend a Sharp Zaurus. The version
without Hard Disk only costs $350. It has a 8 hours battery life, and if you
need more, you can buy a 2nd battery or even plug a Sony PSP battery extender.

I got mine from



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