Can I make phone calls with just a Verizon Data plan?

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I'm considering a Verizon data plan ($80/month for unlimited MB).
Reading the brochure, it lists a 25 cents/minute rate for "Other Data
Services (e.g. Quick 2 Net, dial up connections)"

I like the Audiovox 6600 and would like to use that as a wireless modem
for my laptop.  It would mostly be used for that, but I would also like
to be able to make and receive occasional phone calls.  I don't mind
paying 25 cents/minute for the voice phone service, as my voice needs
would be minimal.

Since my voice needs are so low, I really can't justify $35/month for a
voice plan on top of the $80/month for the data plan.

Can anyone advise if this will work?  I'm also curious what voice
"goodies" (if any) I would have access to, like call forwarding, voice
mail, caller ID, etc.



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