Can folders be created on an SD card?

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I have a 2 GB Sandisk SD card in my Tungsten T5.

Is there a way to create folders on the SD card, and to then move files =
on the SD card into them?


Re: Can folders be created on an SD card?

scooby wrote:
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It's possible to create folders on an SD card as the filesystem is
typically FAT16 and can be read by most operating systems. You can
manipulate files and folders on an SD card by mounting the card using
software like Card Export II, or with a dedicated card reader, which you
can purchase fairly cheaply.

Re: Can folders be created on an SD card?

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Here is what the Palm site has to say about Palm cards and their FAT:

Solution ID: 10716

File systems used by SD and MMC expansion cards

Secure Digital cards (SD) use a different file system than MultiMediaCard (MMC)
cards. SD cards use FAT12. MMC cards use FAT16.

In general, SD cards will appear to have more free space than MMC cards with the
same raw capacity. This is because the SD specification requires a particular
formatting method, which contrasts with what Microsoft (originator of the FAT
file system) suggests the formats should be. MMC, on the other hand, generally
follows the suggested Microsoft formatting structures, which tend to use more

palmOne devices differentiate between the two types of cards, and format them
according to their specifications mandate.

The cluster size of each formatting technique is different. Cluster size is the
smallest amount of space that can ever be allocated. Thus, the cluster size
determines how efficiently the space available can be used. SD uses a larger
cluster size (16 kilobytes for most cards) while MMC tends to use smaller
cluster sizes (1 or 2 kilobytes). If you have a number of small files, they will
occupy more space on an SD card.

For example, if you had an 18KB file for on an SD card with 16KB clusters, it
would take two clusters for a total of 32KB. On the other hand, these same files
stored on an MMC card with 2KB clusters would take up only 18KB. In this
example, the SD cards uses an additional 40 percent of memory to store the same

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