Can 2 or more people hear music from Palm's earphone?

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can I use a branch connection (tee) for allowing 2 people to hear music
from my Palm Tungsten T?
Or can this damage the jack or even the maonboard of the Tungsten?
Is it possible to use a branch connection for more than 2 people?

Re: Can 2 or more people hear music from Palm's earphone? wrote:
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A Y-adapter will work, albeit splitting the output power in half (to
each headset). If it's just an adapter, I suppose it could provide
leverage to damage the connecter. You could always buy a wired Y-adapter
(small length of wire).

Finally, for more than two listeners--or perhaps even for just two if
the output volume isn't all that loud--you can buy a volume booster. I
have a 3-channel headphone volume booster (from Radio Shack) that uses
two AA batteries and allows for three headphone connections at once.

Ironically, I bought that volume booster after buying Tungsten T back in
2002. I thought the volume was too low just for one listener. Obviously,


Re: Can 2 or more people hear music from Palm's earphone?

Tinman wrote:
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Hmm, seems like if you plug two sets of headphones in in parallel,
that would cut the impedence in half, which would cause the total
power output to actually increase.  Whether it doubles or increases
less is a function of the particular type of circuit, I guess.

So the power that each set of headphones receives will probably be
less than they'd get if there were just one set of headphones, but
the total power output from the Tungsten should be higher.  Whether
this will damage the Tungsten is another story entirely.  Hopefully
they've designed the circuit to be able to handle that, and I would
be surprised if such a low-power circuit could overheat very easily.
It is possible to have problems with big power amps overheating if
you put too low impedence a load on them, but we're talking about
hundreds of watts whereas the Tungsten is going to be more like a
fraction of a watt.

I guess if you really want to be safe, you could check if the Tungsten
specifies the minimum impedence for headphones and use Ohm's Law to
determine if the combined impedence of all the headphones you plug in
is high enough to be safe.  For example, if (and this is just
hypothetical) the Tungsten T can handle a 32 ohm load, and if you have
two sets of headphones which are 64 ohms, then you should be safe if
you plug them in, because 1/(1/64 + 1/64) = 32.  By the way, the
reason I picked 32 ohms as a guess for the Tungsten T's minimum
impedance is sells some phones with a 32 ohm impedence
that they say are compatible with the Tungsten T.

   - Logan

Re: Can 2 or more people hear music from Palm's earphone?

On 11 Nov 2005 07:07:28 -0800, wrote:

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The Rat Shack sells some nice, little battery operated speakers which
plug right into your T/T for around $12.00/$13.00. They have a couple
of varieties on hand and the quality is surprisingly good.
Capt. Ed

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