Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

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I am looking for a wireless connection to my PC.

The T3 has bluetooth.
My home PC has Wireless Lan, no bluetooth.

I can either buy a bluetooth adapter for my PC $40 for each PC $80 total.
Wifi adapter for the Palm. $130

Wifi seems to have better range.
Do they both work the same way?
I can sync my Palm T3?

Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Pete wrote:
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Range: Wifi is better
Battery Drain: Bluetooth is better
Bandwidth: Wifi is better
Sync: Possible with both. Easier with BT

Free Palm?:

Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

Pete wrote:
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I have a T3 and a Bluetooth phone and laptops. The laptops are also on a
wireless 802.11g network. The only similarity between BT and WLAN is that
they are both wireless. The way they are configured is very different and in
my opinion if you know anything about LANs then BT will have you baffled for
a bit as it isn't just about connecting IP addresses over TCPIP but rather
using serial connections and different profiles do accomplish different
things. e.g. you can have profiles for FTP, object (file) pushing, voice
connections (like a Bluetooth headset) PDA synchronisation, BT Personal Area
Network Client, BT Network Hist etc. etc. If your BT software does not
provide the profile you need then you are stuffed.

I have a 3Com bluetooth PCMCIA card in my laptop and the software for it is
woefully lacking and has not been updated at all in over two years. It has
very few profiles included. By contrast the Widcomm software supplied with
my girlfriend's Broadcom chip in her Acer Ferrari is very good. But it can
be hard to get upgrades so it is best to choose wisely in the first place.

I do sync my T3 and my phone using BT. I'd like 802.11b/g in my Palm but
don't want a stupid antenna sticking out and waiting to get broken off. Nor
do I want the expense. A good BT dongle should/could be under $30. Look at
Bluetoes and TDK and make sure the supplies software is Widcomm. Avoid 3Com
like the plague. Try posting in alt.cellular.bluetooth for more advice on BT
dingles and cards.

Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

Tiny Tim wrote:
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p.s. I also have a BT printer and can print wirelessly from my phone, T3 and
laptops. In your situation I'd say BT will be fine for what you want to do
(I admit my view has been soured by my 3Com experience). But if you want to
go surfing in coffee shops and airports you may be better off getting that
802.11b card for the T3. Bottom line - either will work but you need to
decide on your trade-offs in price, convenience and flexibility.

Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

My wireless hub is in my basement with my PC.

I can gain access anywhere in my house, even upstairs.

Will I have this type of range with Bluetooth?
I don't think I will.  I would probably have to have a bluetooth on
each PC in my house.

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Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

Pete wrote:
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There are different classes of BT device, with different ranges. Here are
some examples...

250m -

100m -

50m -

30m -

10m -

I don't know what the expected range of the T3 is but I imagine 10m. Whether
one of the more powerful device above will help, I do not know. A quick
unscientific test to discover my printer suggests a 10m range limit but the
limit may be due to the printer rather than the Palm.

Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

On 10 Nov 2004 13:21:22 -0800, (Pete) wrote:

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I've got a Zire 72 and use the wi-fi card to connect to my LAN at
home.  Works great.  Even if you're using WEP and filtering by mac
addresses to provide a bit better security for your system.

Keep in mind that you can get the PalmOne card cheaper then for what
PalmOne sells it at.  I got mine, for instance at
for 100 bucks.  You could probably even do better then that if you
look around.

Sync works great via wi-fi - it's got a quirk or two, but not a big
deal at all.  Example:  I've got to wipe out my PC name in the config
before each sync.  I know other people who have gotten around this
though, so it's probably more me being lazy about pursuing a solution.

I do use BT as well, but not in the config you talk about.  For me, I
just use it to connect to the net if I'm on the road and use my cell
phone as a modem.  Also works pretty good, albeit slower.

Others have mentioned the various issues and options with BT so no,
they dont' work the same way.

Regardless, syncing wirelessly is nice to be able to do.  

And having net access without cables is, of course, tasty.


Re: Bluetooth or Wifi to connect T3?

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Since you already have a LAN in place and you are considering not one but
two BT dongles, I suggest you look instead at a BlueTooth Access Point for
your LAN.  Belkin makes on
( =
200583&pcount=&Product_Id=134669), as do others.  An eBay search on
"bluetooth access point" will often turn up a number of hits.

Benefits?  Easier to install.  One access point gives you access to your
entire LAN.  Individual client PCs do not need to be turned on all the time
if you don't require access to them.  If your LAN includes a gateway/router
with direct access to the Internet, none of your PCs need be on for the T3
to access the 'net.  No bluetooth drivers to install on the PCs - a great
benefit, IMO.

Negatives: Cost - can be alleviated somewhat by buying used at eBay.

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