blue tooth connection to palm tx

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i purchased a trendnet bluetooth adapter and tried to get my palm tx
to talk to my computer. no joy. i even tried downloading the toshiba
blue tooth drivers. no joy.  

so i went to the palm site and signed up for a chat session at 11 pm
california time! the first person was not too useful but somehow he
got disconnected when i rebooted so i figured i'd try again.

the lady who walked me rather quickly through it had it working in
about 5 minutes! i was so busy following her directions that i don't
remember how she got me to establish com ports 5,6, 7, and 8 - does
anyone know how this is done? anyhow, my palm found the computer and
all is well ...but i'd like to know how its done so i could do it for
my laptop ...


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