Blackberry Enterprise Server Install Questions

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Trying to install BES 4.1 on our server (windows 2003 with all
updates/exchange 2003 with all updates)
using manual found here:

Encountered 2 problems during install.

One was with database installation.
Managed to fix it by telling BES to use BackupExec's SQL instance and to
create a new database.
Hope this was the right way to do it.

Another problem was when I tried to apply the hotfix as the manual suggests.
However I was given
the message that the hotfix can't be installed because the version is newer
than the file being installed.
I take it to mean that i don't need the hotfix at all

After the install I started the BES manager and tried adding the users. This
is where i encounter the most
severe problems.

First when i go to each user's properties i get "(Server)Initializing" error
which this article refers to: (**BlackBerry_Enterprise_Server_Name)_Initializing.html?nodeid=25025&vernum=0

It refers to several different problems:
1. Need to recreate the encryption key
2. Make sure that version match and
3. check for duplicate PINs

However the article doesn't mention how to do any of these things.

Tried to fix the above by deleting the server (the green icon in BES
When trying to recreate it it appears yellow.
Don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

Another problem that has me stumped is when i tried to setup users for what
i want BES
to syncronize between the BB and the Exchange mailbox. I couldn't find where
i could
synchronize their calendars (although the options to sync their email,
tasks, adress books were there).
I'm wondering if this is because im running Small Business Edition of BSE.
However i was under impression that the only difference was limitation on
the number of
users (15 for SBE)

Thanks to everyone in advance for their wonderful replies.

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