Birmbear Credit Card Stress Reliever

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Hey!  We've just released version 2 of our Birmbear Credit Card Stress
Reliever program.  It's shareware, with 30-days free trial; then it's
only US$29.95.  You can download a copy at

Here's what you get...

* A discrete snapshot view of what you owe and your available credit.

* Password protection for sensitive data

* Integrated with the Palm's built-in address book.

* A simple line- or barchart view of any card's balances over time.

* A complete and clear context-sensitive help system.

Costing less than a single overcredit charge, this handy program is for
busy people who have enough stress in their lives, and who have credit
cards. (Did you know that the average family has eight or more?) People
who need fast and easy access to their credit card information. With the
Stress Reliever, you quickly and discretely see what's most important --
a snapshot of what you owe and how much credit you have available.

Another simple click, and you pick a credit card and see a chart of its
balances over time.

Yet another click, and you see a simple context sensitive explaination of
any program feature.

We integrate credit card bank name and address data with the Palm's built
in Address book. As soon as you add a credit card's data within The
Birmbear Credit Card Stress Reliever, the issuing bank's name, address,
and phone number are available in the Palm's built in address book.

And your more private credit card specific data can be password
protected....or not. It's up to you.

There's a peace to be had when you don't have to keep straight which of
your many cards you can safely use. The longer people use their Birmbear
Credit Card Stress Reliever, the more valuable it becomes, and the better
they feel. And that kind of stress relief is what we're all about. We
want to make our lives and our users' lives easier. This program is one
small tool to do exactly that.

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