Beyond Hard Reset

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Hello all,

My Zire 31 started acting up.  Would not respond to any on screen
taps.  The 5-way selector did make things happen.
Soft-resets had no effect.
Did a hard-reset but now it continuously asks to press the exact
center of the targets for the screen setup, bottom-right then upper-
left then back to bottom-right.  It does click when I tap.

What are my next options?  Any other type of "hard-reset"s?  PalmOne
for service?  Does PalmOne still service 31s?



Re: Beyond Hard Reset

On Mon, 04 Jun 2007 09:12:28 -0700, raysin
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Maybe you need a new digitizer, or the digitizer connector might be
loose.  Try for parts.  You could probably get a used
Z31 (or move up to a better model) on ebay cheaper than getting it
repaired by Palm, but it can't hurt to ask them.

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Re: Beyond Hard Reset

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Try running the edge of a business card into the crack between the
digitizer top and the
plastic frame of the Zire 31.  There may be a piece of dirt/crud
fooling/pressuring the digitizer
just enough so it gets 2 inputs when you are really just putting one
in with your stylus.

The Zire asks you to continue to calibrate because it is getting 2
inputs and thinks you are
missing the target.

Good luck,



Re: Beyond Hard Reset

Thanks for the suggestion!
I did a similar thing but it cost be ~$6.  I bought a screwdriver &
dis-assembled the unit.  Cleaned around the edge of the screen with my
finger.  Checked the connections from screen to PCB.  Tested &
worked!  Re-assembled, reset & good to go!
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