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I'm researching Palms for my wife, whose IIIc has died. She doesn't
need wifi, a camera, an mp3 player, a voice recorder, or any other
bells and whistles at all; she just wants something that will provide
the basic functions - contacts, datebook, notes, tasks - that were
provided on the IIIc.  Two requirements, however, are an excellent
screen and a genuinely useful and easy-to-use grafitti function.  I've
looked at the latest models on the Palm site, and it looks as though
one must choose between a lower-end Z22, which has fewer bells and
whistles but also a more basic screen, or a higher-end Tungsten E2 or
Palm TX, both of which seem to have excellent screens but also a bunch
of features that will never be used.

My main question is this: Are there any other Palm models produced in
the last two years - but still on the market and still supported by
Palm - that provide just basic functionality, a terrific screen, and a
useable Grafitti function?

As a sort of sidebar: why do so many people seem to really dislike

Thank you.

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The Tungsten T or T2 models are probably what she should look at.
They're pretty basic in functionality, though the voice recording is
nice, and they have SD card slots, which the cheaper Zire models lack.

I would also recommend a Tungsten E, but my friend has one which has
developed a very audible screen whine, and apparently this is a common
issue with that model.

My personal PDA is a Tapwave Zodiac 2, which is very keen, but I would
not recommend this to someone looking for a basic organizer-like device.

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I don't like how some of the letters are formed, and I don't want to
have to change my writing style. That's why I use TealScript, which lets
you customize each letter individually to the way you write.

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

Dekaritae wrote:
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My wife & I own three T|E models between us and so far I've had only
two problems -- one corner of the screen went dead in one, which I
attribute to my being way too hard on the screen with the stylus. and
the earphone jack gets loose after 6-9 months of using the thing as an
MP3 player daily.

The OP might find the Palm Z22 useful. Also, Palm's web site has the
Zire 31 refub for sale for a very reasonable price.
- henry

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

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Dunno if it's Grafitti2 or my TX, but I find that character recognition has
really gone down the tubes.  

On my Clie, I could literally write continuously for minutes on end with no
errors at all - and pretty rapidly to boot.  

I resurrected it a few months ago just to A/B the Clie's character recognition
with the TX's on the premise that maybe it was just *me* and not Grafitti2 or
the TX.   I concluded that it was not me.

With the TX, every word seems tb a challenge.  Even writing slowly and as
clearly as I can, I don't think I could get through a dozen characters without
at least one error and probably more like 2-3.

I got TealScript and it helped some; but I still find my TX to be completely
unsatisfactory Graffiti-wise - to the extent that I'm thinking seriously about
migrating to a Windows-based device next time around.    

Only things keeping me from doing it today are cost and finding a replacement
for BrainForest (hierarchical DB) that will import/convert my BF databases.

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

On Sat, 09 Sep 2006 10:23:58 -0400, (PeteCresswell) wrote:

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Just switch it to G1.  It was *very* easy.  A Google search should let you
know how.

Doug Herr

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

Per Doug Herr:
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I think I tried that before getting TealScript, but couldn't make it work.

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm? wrote:

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Because it is *slightly* different than Graffiti 1.

Takes no time to figure it out.


Use ROT-13 to decode my e-mail address.

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

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The majority of characters, yes, but some of the funkiness... I couldn't
cope with.  Things like the "smart quotes" for example, or words starting
with a "t" and it ending the previous word with that "t" heh.

Just little things.  But infuriating all the same. :)

I initially dismissed G2 inside a few days, then decided, no I'll try it for
six months.  That's now over.  I've reverted to G1 thinking, "yeah I'll
struggle with this..." but sadly... I don't.   Works a charm on my T2...

The option for G1 or G2 would be handy, instead, it just requires a
relatively simple procedure.

Mind you the T2's Graffiti accuracy isn't as good as most of my other

The DervMan

Re: Best plain vanilla Palm?

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Sure, at least until you try to do a /t (menu, T)

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