Battery Life -- Buying Used Palm

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Thanks to everyone's help I finally decided on what Palm to try and
get (the Tungsten E).  Some people have mentioned looking through ebay
to get one cheaper.

In my reading I have noticed that the battery (life) seems to get
quite a bit of attention.  If I understand correctly, the battery for
most PDAs (including the Tungsten E) have an internal battery that
cannot be replaced.

Is this correct?  Does this mean that you (ie: the user) cannot
replace it, or it cannot be replaced at all (in other words, when the
battery goes, so does the PDA)?

If so -- does anyone know what the lifespan on the lithium battery is?
 Does it specifically have a life span, or could it go on for ever (in

That being said, does anyone have an opinions on getting a used Palm
with respect to battery life?  I obviously don't want to get a Palm
with a battery that dies a few months later.

I realize that this is *always* a possibility when buying anything
used -- but is this something that one needs to be concerned with more
than normal?

Has anyone ever had a battery replaced?  How much does it cost?

Thanks so much.


Re: Battery Life -- Buying Used Palm

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It means that it is not intended to be replaced by the user but there are
places that sell replacement batteries and the instructions to do so. They
can optionally, and with some cost, be replaced by the factory.


Re: Battery Life -- Buying Used Palm

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I believe the advertised lifespan of the battery is three years, after
which, it would pay to buy a new PDA.

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