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Is there a way to backup my Versamail acount so that if I do a
hard-reset I can restore the accounts (/W) *and* settings (/R).
I don't want to rely on HotSync for this, but would prefer to save the
relevant files.
PS - Using LifeDrive

Re: Backup versamail accounts


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You must backup the following files:

- MMIDCache* (I have 8 of them numbers 0 to 7)
- MultiMail Attachments
- MultiMail Disconnected
- MultiMail Messages

The way I do it, I saved one set of these files just after I set the
accounts up, without messages, in order to save space.

- Saved preferences
- Unsaved preferences

These files change often, so I backup one set every morning at 3AM.

After a hard reset, restoring these files will give you your Versamail back.

I also have this trick for you: When you're away from home and load
emails, for example in an hotel over WiFi, before you open a message,
make a quick backup of the files above. This way, if the PDA crashes
when you open the email, and you lose your settings, restoring the
backup will give you everything back, including the emails you
downloaded form the server. It avoids that you have to re-load everything.

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