Avantgo vs. Plucker

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I have been using Avantgo on my T|E for some time and don't really have
any complaint. But I have often read that Plucker does the job much
better. So I am giving Plucker a try but I haven't seen how it is

Plucker is faster responding on the handheld but seems to be MUCH
slower at downloading websites, presumably due to the time spent
parsing. Also, I can't figure out how to make some sites work with
Plucker such as Reuters new website. With Avantgo Reuters can be
downloaded preconfigured for handhelds but with Plucker you must
configure it yourself, and it does not seem possible unless you are
will to use a link depth level of 3 which turns into an enormous
download (read unacceptable on my dialup connection).

To put it another way, it seems that Plucker cannot be used for some
sites that Avantgo works well with. Am I missing something?


Re: Avantgo vs. Plucker

pailfaced88@yahoo.com wrote in news:1103894638.476136.212020

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Try using Sunrise Desktop for the conversion.  It's much faster and
easier to configure.  You use the standard Plucker viewer on the
handheld.  Personally I detest AvantGo, but that's a subjective opinion,
I guess.



Re: Avantgo vs. Plucker

I will research Sunrise Desktop but I am curious to know why you say
you detest Avantgo ?


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