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For many years it has been my habit to sync my Palm (currently Centro,
previously Zire, IIIxe, III ...) to avantgo via my PC before leaving
home in the morning, so I have some UK and international newspaper
content to read on the train.

There is a message on Avantgo to the effect that the service will end 30

Are there any sensible alternatives that allow me to sync via the PC
rather than incur data charges on my mobile phone?

Richard C

Re: Avantgo - avantgoing, avantgone

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For those of us with non-PalmOS PDAs (eg, Linux-based Sharp Zaurus), Avantgo
went offline many moons ago.

Check out Plucker (http://www.plkr.org /) or SunriseXP
(http://sunrise.mobileread.com /).  Both allow you to grab snapshots of
webpages to .PDB files and read them offline using eBook viewers.  SunriseXP
is somewhat newer than Plucker and I personally switched to it since it
worked better with the sites I commonly grabbed.  YMMV.


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