Avant Go / Tungsten T3 problems

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I installed Avant Go on a T3 that has had absolutely no previous problems.
Hot synched via cradle without difficulty a few times. I have used bluetooth
with my Motorola phone before with no problems. Today tried bluetooth Avant
Go sync with my Motorola phone - and now having severe problems. First the
bluetooth sync hung up. Then the bluetooth would not work at all on my T3,
got an error message saying that a component was missing and to reinstall
the software. So I deleted Avant Go. Still no bluetooth. So I did a hard
reset and hot synched after Avant Go deleted from both the T3 and computer.
Now after hot synch the T3 resets and hangs at the Palm splash screen. The
hot sync log says that two files already exist: Bluetooth_Prefs_Backup.pdb
and Net_Prefs.prc, and says that Restore Syncronization Failed. The only way
to get rid of the splash screen is to do a hard reset again, so there must
be a software conflict somewhere.

I hope someone can help me - I would hate to have to reinstall all my
software and files one by one, I have quite a few programs! Thanks.

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