autoscroll uses more power than manual scroll?

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Assume a typhoon hit and power is down, so we want to save power as we
don't know when the next recharge will be feasible.

Shall I change my (plucker) autoscroll habit to manual paging down?
I.e., does paging down one page at a time use less power than that one
pixel jerking up of the whole screen every 1/10 of a second?
I suppose autoscroll involves repainting the whole screen.  At least I
remember that's what was revealed using a VT100 terminal on a 1200
baud modem or something.

Or is most of the power just used in keeping the characters on the
screen?  Palm m505.

Re: autoscroll uses more power than manual scroll?

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 The Palm is heavily oriented toward sleeping whenever possible. The
CPU halts whenever it can (that is to say, no user input and no processing
to be done). When the screen is static, no scrolling, the CPU will mostly
be idled and in power-saving mode. When auto-scrolling, it has to keep
waking up and mucking with the screen. Autoscroll will use more power.

 However, whether it will use *significantly* more power is hard to say.
Usually the screen is the big power hog, especially color ones. The only
way to know is to test on your model of Palm.


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