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Is there a limit on the size of a SD memory card?? A PALM Rep?!?! told
me, no. However, I can't get 2... yes 2! Tungsten E2's to recognize the
existence of 3 different 2GB SD cards.

They will read my 64mb and 256mb cards just fine. This is really
pissing me off. If anyone knows how to remedy this, please help me.

No suppositions please. I need a factual answer to this question.


Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

After replacing Allen with a small shell script on Thursday 20 Jul 2006
23:58, the following appeared on stdout:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

OK, it's a limitation of the FAT filesystem used on the Palm E2. It can
read *up* *to* but not including 2GB. There is a hack to enable FAT32
for 2GB support floating about somewhere, possibly here:

Scroll down a bit and you should see FAT32 driver. You also need the
instructions, also possibly here: /

NOTE: Usual disclaimers, this isn't sanctioned by Palm, slippery when
wet, don't blame me if it bricks your Palm, take advice from anonymous
Usenetizens with a truckload of NaCl.

Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

Quoted text here. Click to load it

According to the Palm site a TE2 *will* work with a 2GB card:

Solution ID: 34080

Maximum SD expansion card size and transfer speed for palmOne handhelds

LifeDrive: see Knowledge Library article 39823 instead of this article.

Because Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) technology continues to
evolve, newer expansion cards may offer different features, such as larger
capacity and faster transfer speed, than were available for us to test when we
developed our handhelds. Although we couldn't test future expansion cards with
older handhelds during development, we expect many newer expansion cards to work
with older palmOne devices.

The maximum size of expansion card that can be used in your device depends on
the model.

Treo 650, 600 Tungsten T5, E2 Zire 72 LifeDrive and newer devices
We have tested 2GB expansion cards with these devices and can say with
confidence that they will work in these palmOne devices.

Tungsten T3, T2 Zire 71, 31 and previous devices
The file system used by these models, and those that came before them, can
support expansion cards up to (but not including) 2GB. At the time of writing,
1.5GB cards are available, and these will work with these devices. 2GB cards
will not.

Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 04:55:53 GMT, AaronJ
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You have an old copy of the page.  Now it says the E2 only goes up to 1 GB.
The new version of the page doesn't mention 1.5 GB cards.  Has anyone
actually seen one?

Love your enemies: they'll go crazy trying to figure out what you're up to.

Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

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I guess that my only thought after reading your post is that Palm is basically
screwed up.  Your reported NEW copy has a URL using Palm's OLD name. My OLD copy
says that Palm actually TESTED the TE2 with 2GB cards and that they DO WORK. Do
you suppose that they changed some TE2 hardware to reduce the SD capacity?? Or
did they just arbitrarily change their minds. Or perhaps they didn't test enough
cards with the TE2 and some like the OP's don't work? I think 'screwed up'
probably fits the answer best.

 All I can say for sure is that my (sample of one) 2GB card works in all the
store E2 models I have tried. And thank God for that because if it didn't I
wouldn't have known how poorly the E2 and it's disastrous NVFS performs with my
favorite software (that runs fine on my TE(1). And the one dictionary that
actually does work, it took 10 seconds for a lookup whereas my 3 year old TE
took just 2 seconds. Real progress don't you think... ;)

Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

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Try formatting the cards using the TE2. Just a guess.

I don't own a TE2, but my 2GB card has been recognized by TE2's in store display
models so I know they will work. I was thinking of buying a TE2 to replace my
aging TE(1) but wanted to be sure my favorite software would work with it.
Virtually every program failed in some way that works fine on my TE. Damn NVFS.
And of course no sale...

BTW my 2GB card was formatted on my TE and seems to work fine even though Palm
says it shouldn't. Not sure why but no complaints... ;)

Re: ARRGGHHH! Memory

On 20 Jul 2006 15:58:59 -0700, Allen
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According to this page, the Tungsten E2 supports SD cards up to 1 GB.

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Feature was not beta tested

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