Appointment clock icon wastes a whole line on the desktop

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I usually make many one hour appointments each day for estimates and
the clock icon on he desk top takes up a whole line.  Since a one hour
window only shows 2-1/2 lines I loose the last part of the information.

A sample looks like this below.  You can see that my representation of
an alarm clock looks like this (O) and it takes up the whole first
line!  This is waste full and annoying.  Thank goodness it does not
happin on the Samsung SPH-1500 where the palm version 4.1

  The funny thing is that if the appointment is only 30 minutes then
the palm desktop puts the information on the SAME LINE with the clock

T-S Julie Ugar 1234 Stanyan St at 17th 415 555-1093 home office
up on top of 25 steps.

So what I get on the desk top is:
A line with the clock
A line with most of my information
A line with only the top 1/2 of the characters showing.

Since lower case letters are in the lower half I can not really read

I have wanted to mention this for a long time but I thought it would be
fixed eventually.  Can any one help me get this to the  programmers at
San Francisco.

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