ANN: PocketDOS for SmartPhones available (v1.10.0)

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Q: What is PocketDOS?
A: PocketDOS is an MS-DOS 6.22 compatible DOS for your Microsoft
Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile based Pocket Computer. In
addition to a full DOS, PocketDOS lets you install and run many DOS
programs* on your Pocket Computer. PocketDOS also lets you access
devices such as touchscreens, built-in and external modems, IR ports,
flash disks, network drives, printers and more from within DOS and DOS
(* Intel 8086/80186 compatible using CGA,EGA,VGA,SVGA, HP-LX or text
display modes)

Q: What is new in this version?
A: This version:
- Adds support for SmartPhone 2002 and SmartPhone 2003 devices

Q: Which devices are compatible with PocketDOS?
A: All Windows CE (1.0 and later), Windows CE.NET (4.2 and later) and
Windows Mobile devices, in the Palm-sized, Pocket PC, Handheld PC,
Handheld PC Professional, Handheld PC 2000 and SmartPhone formats with
Hitachi SH3 or SH4, MIPS-compatible, ARM, StrongARM and XScale
processors. All Casio PocketManager Windows CE devices with
MIPS-compatible processors.

Q: Where can I download a demo copy?

Q: What does PocketDOS cost?
A: PocketDOS costs 27.95 (EUR) with a license to Datalight's ROM-DOS
operating system, or 22.95 (EUR) without an operating system

Registered PocketDOS users can upgrade (for free) to the latest version
of PocketDOS.

Any queries should be addressed to the PocketDOS support forum in the
"Support" section of the PocketDOS website.
PocketDOS - Adds DOS compatibility to your Pocket Computer.

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