[ANN] Freeware to lock current app by password (PS Hack v0.9)

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Paranoid Security Hack for Palm OS 5 is a Freeware which allows to
lock current application by password.


Thanks to many efforts of leading developer, Dmitry Molotchko, this
program now survives both usual and safe-mode reset! Now advanced guys
are not able to cheat this protection ;)

Splash Screen on application lock

Since v0.9 it is possible to enter password through pin-code.
You do not need to write on the graffity which may be inconvenient.
You do not need to call keyboard and tighten with small buttons.
All you have to do is to press large buttons on the pin-code field.

Digits 0,1,2...9 and letters (capital) A...F are available through the
buttons on the initial screen. Rest of the letters you may see by
pressing up and down hard buttons. Also it is possible to write on the
graffity area.
Password is still taken from the system's security preferences. It
will be more convenient, for you if you will make your system password
from the characters from the first page, so you will not need neither
to list pages with characters nor to use graffity.

Besides above-mentioned this pin-code allows several advantages.
Following settings are available:
- "Blank password" - password is hidden by the star "*" characters, so
nobody can see it.
- "Hide pw" - no stars and no password will be displayed. Nobody will
see how much characters your password has.
- "Hide taps" - no button taps will be displayed. In conjunction with
the "Hide pw" option it will be really hard for somebody else to watch
your password.
*Little trick: When both "Hide pw" and "Hide taps" options are
enabled, it is possible to do the following. When taping password
buttons, you may sometimes to point your finger or stylus to other,
non-password buttons, just slightly tap the screen without really
pressing the button. For somebody else it will seem that you are
pressing all the buttons, but actually, you are pressing only some of

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