An open letter to Palm for open file formats

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Dear Palm,

I sincerely appreciate your work in the synchronization and sharing
arena. However, you are making it increasingly hard for me to recommend
your products. We have a wide variety of products at use in our company
of more than 200 people. I have to be able to talk to all of them to
make sharing actually work and not just be a buzzword.

When someone can only export one item at a time in VCS format to share
with others in a standard format, that's a problem.

When you suddenly change the file format, and don't tell developers how
to parse it, that's a problem.

History on the net has shown that products that have the ability to
survive have the ability to be modified to be useful. I don't want to
modify your OS; all I want is Palm to get on board and be a team player
in using a well documented ICS (or even the less-documented VCS) file
format -- and I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.


A Frustrated Developer

Re: An open letter to Palm for open file formats

Palm doesn't use files.  The Palm "filesystem" is really just a database.

And if you're talking about the record format of their built-in apps (such
as Appointments, ToDo, etc), they have released those recently.

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