Amazon's "Kindle"?

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Clearly a marketing tool.... but such a tool!

Seems to me like if it took a SIM card, it would be a slam dunk
for Cell Phone/PDA/MP3 Player/On-the-go web access bundled into
one for somebody with cargo pockets.

The no-cost-per-month network access is what got my attention.

Anybody have thoughts on this device?

Re: Amazon's "Kindle"?

Per Zombie Elvis:
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I wasn't thinking so much about the eBook reading capability.

In fact, illiterate clod that some tell me I am, I could care
less about it.

What got my attention was the 24-7 3g (4g?) network access that
comes with the purchase.  "Free"... no monthly payments until
they change their mind..... and it was pretty quick on the one a
friend demo'd to me.

I don't have such service on my cell phone and can't justify
paying for it.

But that no-charge (except that it's undoubtedly partially built
into the purchase price...) service, plus the fact that it has a
web browser built in means to me that I could do web mail any
time any place - and with a reasonably-large screen to do it on.

Being able to check a couple of weather sites and do the
occasional GoogleMap inquiry wouldn't be too bad either.

Seems a little analogous to having a credit card and never, ever
allowing an interest-accruing balance to develop: you get the
convenience, the protection, and a little float basically for
nothing - since it's funded by the people that deem it rational
to carry balances and pay interest.   In this case, I'd be riding
on the revenue generated by people who actually buy books with
the thing.

Re: Amazon's "Kindle"?

Per Zombie Elvis:
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I suspect that's the monochrome screen.

My monochrome Palm Pilots seemed to go forever too - not that my
TX is that bad.... but color seems to have it's cost

Re: Amazon's "Kindle"?

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But does that work for browsing any web site?  I thought the network access
was only for browsing books or downloading and paying for books?

If you can surf the net on that thing, that would add a ton to its appeal,
but it's only their intent as far as I've ever heard to "surf the amazon
book net."

You should try to find out to what extent you can actually surf the net on
that thing.

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