Alternative to Palm Desktop?

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I bought a used Tungsten E on eBay. I find the Palm Desktop
application OK overall, but there are a couple of I don't like about

- Apparently, it's not possible to create non-timed items in the
Calendar and have them be moved automatically to the next day until
they're marked as Done

- It's not even possible to drag and drop non-timed items to move them
manually to another day. The only way to do this, is to go to the
current day, edit the item, and change the day. As this must be
performed for each item, it's quite cumbersome :-/

Are there alternative PIM applications you would recommend, whether
it's MS Outlook or something else?

FWIW, I used to use the venerable EccoPro, but stopped using it for
Calendar as I couldn't get infos in the Palm to sync correctly with
the PC with HoSync.

Thank you.

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