Alarms too silent on palm Zire (m150)

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Is there a way to boost the Alarm Sound above "High"? Maybe some
program or hack can do it? I would like to increase the volume of a
Zire m150 (PalmOS v.4.1.2). I searched but so far did not find a

Re: Alarms too silent on palm Zire (m150)

I use an app called WavAlarms. I create my own alarm sounds with the
computer. In fact, you can record your standard Palm alarms sounds with
a computer, then amplify them using the computer and save them as a WAV
file with the computer then upload them to the Palm and use WavAlarms
to specify your newly created WAV file to be used in place of the
existing Palm alarm. It made all the difference in the world on my TE.

Re: Alarms too silent on palm Zire (m150)

Thanks. I actually know this nice program - tried it on my second palm
(TC). But it won't work on the palm on which I want to boost the volume
(WavAlarms requires an external card and the Zire m150 has no card
slot). Still looking for a way to make my Zire louder...

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