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Please tell me if replacing the battery of an m515 is easy? I saw some
instructions and it does look easy, see www.batteryship.com.

However, the same happened when I replaced the battery of my TC. It was easy
according to the instructions but in real life it was an extremely difficult
job for two reasons, (i) everything was very tightly packed, and (ii) the
TC's power button is super flimsy and putting the case together was next to
impossible. In fact, it is simply impossible to put it together perfectly.  I
had 5 TCs and none had a properly operating power button.

In addition, the instructions left out a most important step.  Namely, the
original battery had a piece of an aluminum shield glued to it but the
replacement didn't and I had no idea what to do with shield.  I ended up
peeling it off the old one and putting it on the new.

Thanks, PaulN

Re: a Palm m515 battery question

Paul Nevai wrote:

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Well, taking it apart and putting another original battery was quite easy.

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