200LX - back from the dead?

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I have an HP 200LX with the 'Speed-Doubler' crystal installed. Pulled
it out of a drawer and put new batteries in. It works! Sort of,
The display is all lines and seems to be responding to commands, and I
remember the spd31 driver has to be loaded for correct display
rendering, but--
How can I boot the 200LX to get the driver loaded?  All I see is lines,
whether I CTRL-ALT-DEL or SHIFT-CTRL-ON, it's still all lines. Can
anyone ppoint me to a 'boot-disk' or some way to start the thing with a
readable display? I found the spd31 driver (and a few others) online,
but is there a danger in using one driver over another? Sorry if this
has been covered in the forum often before, but after searching for
twenty minutes I don't find this problem explained.
Of course, if I'm totally SOL, would someone let me know that, too?

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