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(Sorry for cross-posting - I previously posted by mistake to
c.s.p.pilot... it won't happen to me again)

Hi. I am planning to buy a 1GB SD card. Can somebody tell me if
"SanDisk Ultra II 1GB Hi-Speed" is compatible with the Palm Tungsten C?
Is it a good choice? Any other suggestions please?

Both the read and the write speed are important for me. Can palms take
the advantage of the Hi-Speed? Or will I have the same effect if I buy
a cheaper (normal speed) 1 GB SD card? In this latter case should I
choose a Kingston or a SanDisk?

Thanks a lot for advice.

Re: 1GB SD card

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Works fine for me.

Tungsten C, Zire 71,m515 et al

Re: 1GB SD card

Thanks Leila!
I will probably buy this card.

There is a free utility for the PalmOS to test the speed of a card:

My Panasonic SD 256MB Hi-Speed on a Tungsten C gives:
Wrt32bit: 176 bytes/sec
Wrt8KB: 140183 bytes/sec
Read8KB: 689852 bytes/sec
Card speed is Good.

I wonder how this results compare to 1GB cards. Could those of you with
hi-speed and normal cards please test them and post the results here?

Thanks again,

Re: 1GB SD card

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On my T3, my empty 1Gb card (the cheapest I could find from 'MyMemory'
in the UK labelled x66) gives:
Wrt32bit: 289 bytes/sec
Wrt8KB: 284939 bytes/sec
Read8KB: 2621440 bytes/sec
Card speed is excellent
(The write speeds increase as the test is repeated)


Re: 1GB SD card

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Another free card speed utility is VFSMark.prc (Google to find).  The baseline
chosen for VFSMark is a Palm m500 with a Palm 16MB SD card running without any
overclocking or system performance enhancements. Here is how some of my cards

Label brand / Card Info reported brand / Card Size

Lexar/Panasonic 64M
File Create:    220%
File Delete:    116%
File Write:    68%
File Read:    468%
File Seek:    561%
DB Export:    184%
DB Import:    512%
Record Access:    593%
Resource Access:    533%
VFSMark:    361
Lexar/Unknown 64M
File Create:    950%
File Delete:    673%
File Write:    89%
File Read:    498%
File Seek:    621%
DB Export:    365%
DB Import:    630%
Record Access:    754%
Resource Access:    711%
VFSMark:    587
Lexar/Panasonic 128M
File Create:    177%
File Delete:    146%
File Write:    54%
File Read:    331%
File Seek:    561%
DB Export:    61%
DB Import:    548%
Record Access:    540%
Resource Access:    468%
VFSMark:    320
Sandisk/Sandisk 512M
File Create:    115%
File Delete:    147%
File Write:    59%
File Read:    478%
File Seek:    694%
DB Export:    119%
DB Import:    605%
Record Access:    658%
Resource Access:    600%
VFSMark:    386
Lexar/Unknown 1GB
File Create:    266%
File Delete:    231%
File Write:    57%
File Read:    504%
File Seek:    655%
DB Export:    189%
DB Import:    663%
Record Access:    724%
Resource Access:    685%
VFSMark:    441

Re: 1GB SD card

Bang wrote:

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From what I can recall, devices of the Tugsten C 'generation' such as the
T-3 will accept 1 GB cards, but will not accept a 2 GB card (although a 1.5
GB might be fine). There are certain exceptions to that, but Palm could
never guarantee compatibility with 2 GB cards as they were not used in
their tests (perhaps not yet in the market at the time).

I notice that others have responded to your question by now.

All the best,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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