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History: In the 90s (199? - 1999) appeared a paper called
COMPUTERFLOHMARKT (CF) here in Germany, Europe. The object of the
COMPUTERFLOHMARKT was to print announcements (sell/buy) for computers
and equipments. With the time it was also possible to send in
announcements for contacts, scene informations and discuss in articles.
Most of the people buyed the paper because of this last points and it
was a good way here in Germany to bring the scene to the country.

The paper was dead in the end of the 90s because of the Internet and the
deep track of the COMPUTERFLOHMARKT. The times changed but the
COMPUTERFLOHMARKT worked like in the beginning. Today we have the
Internet and you can't sell a paper just for selling and buying
computers and equipments. It's too slow in comparison to the Internet.
Another company in Berlin buyed the COMPUTERFLOHMARKT then and the scene
was looking for cooperation with the new company, but after two new
realises the company stopped the paper definitive. All trust from the
scene people was lost.

The object of the COMPUTER FEDERATION is to collect all informations
which are suitable to demand the know-how and knowledge of computers and
sling this to the publicity. It's not limited to one or more systems. If
there comes enough positive feedback and the work goes as well we will
print the information to paper and give this to the world (this last
point is fiction this time). It's very important to understand that we
are looking for to work for and show the people in the back of the
computers - not for the computers and technologies self (like many other
papers does).

You send us your scene news (in German or English), and we put this into
the COMPUTER FEDERATION. Please don't send the news only to the CF;
still use also all another groups and papers as you can. Please send
only text (in one or more lines but without formatings) per email (like
news in a newsgroup): greentears@chiemgau-net.de

In the first time we'll create only simple PDF-files and store this in
the Internet. To send us your informations and advertisement is still
free while this non-commercial part; it's also free to read the COMPUTER
FEDERATION. It's just a experiment this time to bring you together.

You should use the informations of the CF as you can. We are from
Germany and so we are sorry for our not perfect English. Our team will
give the best.

You as producer, dealer and magazine can send also advertisement in; if
you do so, please just send simple RISC OS DRAW or Adobe PDF files (up
to version 4). At the time the maximum size is limited to 20 mm * 96 mm.

You will find the COMPUTER FEDERATION as PDF-files at


You will find on this side also a masterpage from the old
COMPUTERFLOHMARKT to show you what it is:
http://www.siegsdorfer-schreckgespenst.de/CF/MasterpageCF.pdf (157 kB).
We are working on RISC OS and PSION based computers.

his project lives from you for you. So then, feel free to spread and
print this information.

Thank you.

Alexander Ausserstorfer
Allemagne * Germania * Deutschland * Germany
Email: greentears@chiemgau-net.de
Homepage: http://www.siegsdorfer-schreckgespenst.de

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